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Andrew Ashiofu in the Media

Andrew Ashiofu in the Media

Follow the coverage on my campaign in news articles, podcasts, and more!

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Andrew in The Urbanist

“I knocked on some doors and some people were crying because they lost family members to the AIDS crisis,” Ashiofu said, who is HIV+. “Even after the campaign, people came up to me and were like… ‘I’m HIV positive and you inspired me.’ I run a campaign bringing a different perspective to what it means to run for campaign to what it means to run for office.”

Andrew in The Stranger

"Ashiofu said he likes to think of himself as a fighter because he’s had to fight for so much–including a roof over his head. In 2010, his family kicked him out of the house after he told them he was gay. He couldn’t find work, he couldn’t pay rent, and he became homeless. He relied on internet access at the public library to apply for jobs and to find resources to get him back on his feet. But that experience taught him that the real solution to homelessness isn’t just an internet connection–it's a housing-first approach."

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Listen in full to my conversation with Dubai Denis Maronga and my experiences living and running for office in Seattle as a Nigerian immigrant and community organizer.

Andrew in the
Capitol Hill Blog

“I have had the privilege of living abroad and also traveling to nearly all the continents except Antarctica,” Ashiofu said. “And I have experienced and have seen the impacts of social housing and how that has helped create housing. My three ‘A’s’ around housing are affordability, accessibility, and availability.”

Andrew Ashiofu Capitol Hill Blog
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